Long days, lots of light

The Dolomites in summer are a heavenly gift for thise who love the immensity of the plateuas. Amazing views, places of historical importance, a dimension ideal to reenergise oneself as nature determines. Meadows, plateaus, canyons, woods and torrents complete this work of divine intervention, and the days are indeed longer than long.

The Dolomites and sport. A perfect symbosis

The beauty of the place stimulates activity

With more than 400 kilometres of well marked paths Alta Badia is the ideal playground for outdoor pursuits. Excursions, climbs, road and off-road biking, rope assisted hikes, lift systems, splendid rifugi. There is all one could ask for so as to pass time in the open air in the most suggestive of landscapes.

Botëghes Lagazoi Lagazoi Cycling Giardun's active holidays

The Dolomites in the summer are a tonic for body and mind

Mountain air is a heavenly gift

The paths pass through the woods, cross the meadows, and head towards the peaks. The long days gift you fresh, clean air. There are hours to joyously spend, either biking the ups and downs and crossing the entire plateaus up on high. The joy of silence and the happiness in wandering. Precious time with dear ones. The Dolomites welcome one and all, for nature itself is of a welcoming kind. And is it not right that the mountains are an invitation to be well and keep healty?

Happy Family

When the Dolomites are synonomous of happiness

Feeling good is  a spontaneous reaction here. The beauty of the landscape induces that sense of freedom and wellbeing, the desire to play and enjoy all to the full. It is here in the heart of the Dolomites that families can find that air of serenity which the frantic pace of everyday life denies. At Lagazoi Cycling you can rent an e-bike ord a trekking buggy. And to add to the kids pleasure our Ciasa has a play-park close to the woods, a real jewel of fun and laughter.

Winter wonderland Winter wonderland

Winter is a time to celebrate in style. Dolomiti Superski has 1200 km of connected slopes. Not bad, wouldn’t you say? And then there is the chance to go snowshoe walking, crosscountry skiing, or simply stroll along snowy paths. Do not wait until the last moment. Make sure of your holiday in the splendour of the Dolomites.

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