Flowering in Alta Badia 7=6

In the heart of the majestic Dolomites, Alta Badia emerges as the ideal refuge for those longing to experience the charm of mountain spring bloom. The exclusive "Flowering in Alta Badia 7=6" vacation package at Residence Ciasa Giardun awaits to gift you unforgettable moments, offering a vacation of 7 nights for the price of 6, perfect for sports enthusiasts, fresh air lovers, and those seeking peace in the vibrant month of June.

To ensure an even more pleasant stay, we offer advantageous rates for adding extra beds. Available for everyone, from the option to request a cot for infants at only €15.00 per day to a cost of €25.00 per day for children over 2 years and adults, we do everything to let you fully enjoy this season of colors and fragrances.

The "extra bed" concept applies whenever the number of guests exceeds the standard capacity of the accommodation, allowing families of any size to stay together. Whether you choose the COSY type for 2 people, COMFORT for 3, or FAMILY type for 4 people.

This package opens the doors to a universe of exploration and adventure, with a wide range of activities: from peaceful walks to more challenging treks, to cycling routes for every level of experience, including the famous Sellaronda tour and the legendary tracks of the Maratona dles Dolomites.

The month of June transforms Alta Badia into a unique stage, offering you a rich selection of outdoor activities to immerse yourself in the splendid blooming nature and the tranquility of the mountains. Events dedicated to cycling enthusiasts, such as the Sellaronda Bike Day (Saturday, 08.06.2024 | 07.09.2024) and the Dolomites Bike Day (Saturday, 22.06.2024), further enrich the experience, creating special moments for biking lovers.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the bloom in Alta Badia, letting the beauty and peace of the Dolomites envelop you. Residence Ciasa Giardun is committed to offering you an unparalleled experience, combining comfort and tranquility with the unique hospitality of Alta Badia.

Take this opportunity to discover Alta Badia in its most enchanted time. Book your stay and prepare for a dreamy June, in the heart of a spectacular bloom.

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